Treadmills used by staff in Tennessee office space who walk while they work

Treadmills have been installed in a Tennessee office space for staff to use as they work. Health Insurance firm BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee introduced the exercise equipment into the office space to improve staff health.

The three treadmills are secured to upright work stations so employees can type, answer phone calls and email while they walk on the platform, which can reach speeds of up to two miles per hour.

At least 100 staff members have benefited from the pilot program at Cameron Hill in the Chattanooga offices, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Jeffery Choice, customer service representative, has been using the treadmills for two months. He said: “For a while I didn’t even come up to it, because I didn’t know how to use it”. But now Choice prefers to walk and work: “It’s better to get up and stretch your legs. I would prefer some sunlight and some fresh air too, but I will take this”, he said.

Corporate Wellness Manager Ryan Picarella said: “From last year to this year, through a lot of our wellness initiatives, we have seen an improvement in our employee health. We’re reaching people, and the next step is isolating which programs are seeing the biggest impact”.

Spokeswoman Mary Thompson explained that there are other fitness initiatives in place at the firm, such as a wellness program, an on-site fitness facility and a bicycle rental scheme where staff can borrow a bike during their lunch break instead of using their cars.

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