Answering the phone in the office

March 28th, 2012

How a phone call is taken can create an impression of the office.

Answering a telephone call is a simple process but one which will create an impression of the office to a customer who may never have visited the commercial property.

It is important to employ people who have impeccable mannerisms when picking up the telephone to answer a call which has come through to an office.

The answerer should state the company’s name, in some cases their name and what they can do to help the customer with the query that they are calling about.

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How to email in the office

March 26th, 2012

Emailing in the office is a way of life, yet people still make mistakes.

Office workers email each other every working day with emails often flying around like there is no tomorrow, although some are still uncertain on the etiquette required.

Emailing in a commercial property when working for a company takes on a completely different aspect to emailing a friend or family member back home.

There are etiquette guides which can be followed but these simple steps will ensure that no unforeseen issues occur after sending an email out to colleagues in your office.

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How to sit correctly in the office

March 25th, 2012

Tips on looking after your posture.

Sitting down has been taken for granted with every office offering a chair or seat of some sort to make workers and guests comfortable, however it is important to sit correctly.

Failing to sit correctly in office space can cause problems for your body later in life and if you are not covered with health insurance then it could cause problems.

There are several tips which should be adhered to when sitting down, whether in a meeting or behind your desk working behind a computer.

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Newark Tower future undecided

March 23rd, 2012

The Newark Tower faces a wait to be built.

One of the most prominent landmarks in New Jersey still faces an uncertain future after an insurance company requested to change the terms of a recently agreed deal.

The fate of Newark Tower in New Jersey is still on a tenterhook following the decision by Prudential Financial to review their original terms agreed with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Under the initial deal which was also sanctioned in the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court, Prudential agreed to pay $444 million for the commercial property.

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Cambridge offices sold to DivcoWest

March 21st, 2012

A Massachusetts office building has been sold.

A one time furniture factory has been sold as an office property for just under $80 million, with the commercial value increasing because of its location.

Cambridge office space has been sold for $79 million to DivcoWest in a deal which sees the commercial office property become one of the most valuable buildings in the Massachusetts city.

AEW Capital Management were the sellers although no reason has been given for the sale to DivcoWest, except that AEW believe they have had a fair price for the site.

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US to experience strong end to year in office market

March 19th, 2012

The US office market will improve later in the year.

The commercial office market in the USA is expected to have a strong second half of the year, to make up for the weaker showing in the first two quarters of 2012.

Market analysts Cushman & Wakefield are predicting that the American commercial office property market will have a slow start in 2012 but will have a strong finish to the year.

In their latest Market View Report, Cushman & Wakefield have stated that the trends for 2012 will be almost the mirror image of the office market in 2011.

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Miami looks to lead the way in the south

March 18th, 2012

Miami is doing well in the office market.

The commercial office market in southern Florida is in line to becoming one of the strongest in the USA after promising signs that it is recovering from the worst of the financial problems.

The National Association of Realtors has claimed that Miami’s commercial office market will have lower vacancies when compared to 73 different sites located across the rest of the USA during February.

News is also promising for the industrial sector in Miami, with the city expected only to have a 7.6% vacancy rate, compared to the national average of 11.9%.

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New Jersey office bought by Cole

March 16th, 2012

Cole Real Estate Investments has bought an office in New Jersey.

A commercial real estate investment trust has made an office purchase in New Jersey after spending more than $50 million on the commercial property.

Commercial firm Cole Real Estate Investments have invested $53 million in order to buy a commercial site in New Jersey which offers 176,000 square feet of class A office space.

Based at 8 Sylvan Way in Parsippany, the office is fully leased by the The Medicine Co., a global pharmaceutical firm who use the New Jersey office site as their headquarters.

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San Francisco fastest growing office market in USA

March 14th, 2012

San Francisco is the best performing office market in the USA.

The west coast has overtaken the east coast in relation to the best performing commercial office property in the USA, following a report by Knight Frank.

San Francisco has overtaken New York City as the best office market performance in the country after more than doubling the amount of office space occupied.

A survey by Knight Frank noted that the Californian city has more than doubled the amount of commercial office space which has been leased or bought thanks to its position as being in the heart of the technology industry.

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Apple HQ revives Silicon Valley office space

March 12th, 2012

Silicon Valley office headquarters for Apple.

The Silicon Valley commercial property market has experienced its biggest boom in over a decade thanks to the plans outlined by Apple to build new headquarters.

Apple has led the second revival of the Silicon Valley office market through its ambitious doughnut office scheme headquarters, with more office space expected to be created in the area.

Leasing and office purchasing rose by 2.7 million square feet over the past 12 months, with rents averaging $36 per square foot of office space in the Californian region.

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